How to Plan for the Best Work Seminar Ever

If you work for a medium to large company, you are familiar with the notion of a work conference. Otherwise known as an employee meeting, work seminar, employee workshop, or even its full of promise moniker “staff development.”

The Franciscan Event Center hosts every event from anniversaries to quinceañeras, and while we enjoy celebrations as much as anyone, work related events don’t always get the attention they deserve from the event planning community.

Without delay, we have assembled a list of Do’s and Don’t’s for your next work seminar.

Work Seminar Do’s:

  • Give attendees a real return for their investment. Maybe it isn’t about cost? Time is money. Provide a top notch speaker, give them tips and tools to make them better at their job or being an employee. Consider offering continuing education credits and of course a delicious lunch from That Personal Touch Catering, located on site.
  • If possible, arrange seating in a U shaped pattern. Why? Participants can’t hide behind others, doodle or check their emails constantly. If discussion is to be encouraged, this configuration is the best. The only downside is that there is usually less space for attendees. But since our inside rooms hold up to 300 seated, this disadvantage is eliminated.
  • Distribute an agenda at the beginning of the day.
  • Serve coffee, lots of it and the stronger the better. Include tea and non-caffeinated options too.
  • Serve a high protein breakfast that is light on of carbohydrates. Why? Carbohydrates make tryptophan more available to the brain, which is why carbohydrate-heavy meals can make you drowsy.

Work Seminar Don’ts:

  • Don’t just read your PowerPoint. You can email this to participants later if you need to.
  • Don’t use a PowerPoint if you can help it. Here’s other ideas.
  • Don’t forget that people need breaks built in to the day.

Work conferences do not have to be exercises in futility, designed merely to fulfill what you think you should be doing as a company. They can be enjoyable offsite events that will offer takeaways for all involved.

The Franciscan will set up and tear down your event space, handle all of your meals, and set up your audio/visual needs. Furthermore, we have ample parking and are located in Centennial just south of downtown Denver, and only 4 miles from the Denver Tech Center.

Call us at (303) 790-0477 to discuss your upcoming company meeting.