Winter Wedding Ideas

winter wedding ideas
Summer is known as wedding season, but you don’t have to feel confined to that time of year for your big day. Having a winter wedding is on the rise for both the wonderland aesthetic and cozy cold-weather food and drink. Embrace the snow-covered trees, warm lighting, and faux fur accessories to throw your own Denver wedding with these winter wedding ideas!

Embrace the Décor of the Season

The appeal of a winter wedding isn’t just doing something a little different, it’s the stunning visuals and atmosphere of winter as well. Work the colors and textures of winter into the décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, food, and more!

Of course a blanket of real snow outside is desirable, but in less snowy regions, drapes and carpets of white can be used to create the illusion of a winter wonderland. For a snow/pine look, use pinecones, forest green accents, and even pine scented candles to bring home the feel of a wintery forest.

Common accent colors of the season include red, silver, and gold. These can be used in table settings and bridesmaid’s dresses among the general décor. Don’t forget the soft lighting either, in the form of string lights, candles, or a fireplace if available.

Cold Weather Food & Drink

What food and drink do you associate with winter? For beverages, include some favorites like hot cider, hot chocolate, and even peppermint schnapps alongside the basics. When applicable, serve beverages in mugs and winter-themed glasses for that extra touch of nostalgia.

Mini pot pies and small servings of soup make great winter wedding food, and don’t forget the gingerbread and caramel apples for dessert. You don’t need to isolate your winter wonderland to the décor, food and drink are a vital component too!

Faux Fur

Keep the cozy winter vibes going with some faux fur. Shoulder wraps, capes, and even fur lined boots will not only keep you warm during your winter wedding, but look great too.

Combine the idea of a winter wonderland with a cozy cabin in the woods. Faux fur can infiltrate your décor in the form of rugs, tapestries, and faux taxidermy. What winter cabin is complete without it?

Ceremony Outside – Reception Inside (where it’s warm!)

To do the winter wedding right, you will want an indoor/outdoor wedding venue. You likely want your ceremony outside amongst the snow and trees, but realistically, your reception and meal will need to be indoors. You might have a tough time hanging onto guests if they have to stay outside all evening in the winter!

Transition guests indoors with soft lighting, wintery décor, and the smells of warm yummy food to keep the winter atmosphere going.

Winter Weddings

Do something different for your wedding. Embrace the winter aesthetic and transform your ceremony, reception, and food into that of a cozy winter wonderland. Picking the right venue is key so be sure to plan for weather and location changes accordingly, and don’t forget to warn guests if you plan to tie the knot outdoors in the snow!