Wicked Winter Weather (and the Recipes to Go With It!)

As the temperature falls and occasionally the snow does too, it’s time to dig out those recipes that are best paired with a blanket wrapped around you and a hot cup of tea on the table. Of course, that cozy setting isn’t always an option. Luckily these recipe ideas are just as good at a potluck style work party as they are on your dining room table. Whatever the occasion, here are three recipes that can easily be combined into one amazing meal, guaranteed to stave off any winter blues.

AppetizerArtichoke and Goat Cheese Spread with French Bread Crostini

Unless you keep an impeccably stocked kitchen, this seventeen-ingredient recipe is going to take a trip (or three) through the icy wind to the grocery store. It will all be worth it when you dig into the creamy, perfectly blended dip with your freshly made, oh-so-fancy crostini.

Side dish: Spinach Mashed Potatoes

There seems yet to be a situation that a healthy scoop of mashed potatoes can’t fix, even when up against wicked winter weather. This recipe has the added benefit of tricking those with a veggie-phobia to get some of that iron rich, Pop-Eye magic.

Chicken Wellington That Personal Touch Catering Centennial ColoradoMain dish: Chicken Wellington

You know it’s that shivering time of year when even your chicken needs to wear a tasty, crumble-under-your-fingers pastry blanket. This rosemary and sage rubbed bundle of deliciousness goes perfectly with a fresh snowfall.

Granted, these recipes require a fair amount of time, preparation, grocery shopping, paying for grocery shopping, and a touch of actual skill to make. If you’ve got an hour or three to spare during the workday, have at it…but there’s a better idea.

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