When Wedding Planning Becomes Drudgery

unspecifiedFirst, there’s nothing wrong with you. Wedding planning is not for everyone. If you are the type of person who relishes in the minutia of all things event planning, deciding on the details of your OWN wedding is the crème de la crème of events. After all, it’s for the two of you, planned by the two of you, what could be more fulfilling?

If, on the other hand, planning your wedding has you stressed out or considering eloping, you are not alone. We recommend the following:

  • Taking a break – One way to know you need one is that you answer, “I’m fine.” to everything. But inside you a voice screams, “Isn’t this supposed to be fun?”

Has wedding planning sucked all of the joy out of your life? Permeating your weekends with visits to venues, meeting with DJs, and contemplating chicken or beef. Can you go a week without talking about it? Are you still doing the things you enjoyed before you announced your engagement? Are you restless and having trouble sleeping?

If any of this sounds like you, take a break. A month off from wedding planning if necessary.

  • Enlist Sonja at the Franciscan to help. Once you’re re-energized, one way to get back on the wedding planning wagon is to trust an expert. At the Franciscan Event Center, we’ve been helping couples with their wedding day for over 30 years. If a couple has thought about it, or even if they haven’t, this is not our first rodeo.
  • One way you can lower your stress level is to obtain everything you need for your wedding in one place. We have tables, chairs, place settings, centerpieces and chair covers. We provide a full bar, beer and wine for your guests, and have various price points to pair with your budget
  • Focus on your priorities. The wedding is about your relationship and wanting to celebrate it with family and great friends. If necessary, keep repeating this when (notice we did not say if) you lose sight of this.

The Franciscan Event Center is a full service event facility with an on site catering arm, That Personal Touch Catering. We love to meet with couples so they can see what our site has to offer. When you trust us with the details of this momentous occasion, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to call or come by. We can have your spring or summer wedding reserved and you can get back to enjoying your engagement. Call and ask for Sonja at (303) 790-0477 to schedule a tour.