Wedding Theme Ideas for Colorado Seasons

Wedding Theme Ideas

A themed wedding does not have to be cheesy. While your wedding’s success does not depend on your decorations, you can use the Colorado seasons to create a cohesive look for your big day.

This blog is for you, the bride who is reluctant to come up with a theme but who wants a clear vision for how the wedding and reception should look. Here are some wedding theme ideas for Colorado weddings using our beautiful seasons.

Winter Wedding Decorations

We’re seeing lots of spray painted branches, lace covered hurricanes, pinecones used in centerpieces and wreaths, and cranberries anywhere you need a filler. Basically, get a couple of cans of silver and white spray paint and you’re halfway there. Bonus idea: Have a hot cocoa bar with alcoholic mixers like Kahlua.

Fall Wedding Decorations

Great color combinations include navy and orange, dark red and blue, gold and purple. Must haves include: Leaves, mums, pumpkins, squashes. For drinks think apple cider or anything mulled.

Spring Wedding Decorations

It’s the season of blooming florals so take advantage. We love hyacinths, tulips, daisies, lilies, peonies, daffodils. Turquoise and almost anything else would work for a color palette. For props you can use watering cans, flower pots and wheelbarrows to display just about anything.

Summer Wedding Decorations

Stay away from muted or dark colors. Instead turn up the wattage on your bright color choices! In terms of decorations, you can have a summertime look with paper lanterns and balloons. Don’t let your guests squint either. Give them sunglasses, water or even umbrellas. Bright canopies can also invoke summertime.

Choosing a theme based on the season is fun and easy and there’s plenty of inspiration out there to draw from. With a seasonally themed wedding, there are so many natural elements you can use indoors or out to make your wedding memorable. Your decoration options are limitless!