Reliving your Happiest Day with the Franciscan

jamie-and-danielle_1st-anniversaryFor a 1st anniversary, the traditional gift is paper and the modern gift is a clock. Unless this piece of paper is an airline ticket, I’ll take a pass. Furthermore, in the day of smartphones, an old fashioned timepiece seems superfluous, wouldn’t you agree?

In case you ever need to refer to anniversary gifts, click here.

Hopefully, your wedding day comes to mind if you are asked about one of your most cherished memories. What if someone told you it was possible to relive it, not just think about the memory, but actually relive it? Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that memories are physical and can be reactivated. This means that instead of just recalling a memory, scientists can now help reconstruct them artificially by activating certain parts of your brain. This crackerjack team determined what cells were activated while a lab mouse was learning something. After determining the genes that activated those cells, they paired them with another gene for a light-activated protein. Finally the scientists were able to shine tiny pulses of light onto those neurons to activate the protein. Voila!

An easier way to relive your wedding day is to return to your venue. One of the Franciscan’s couples, Jamie Tolve and Danielle Otuska, married in the fall of 2014, did just this and shared their sentiments with us.

1) Please describe the feeling of coming back to the Franciscan after a year.

We were filled with a sense of happiness and reminded that we made the right choice on having our wedding here.

2) As a groom, what is one thing you wish you would have done to prepare for your wedding?

Before we went back I would have said the one thing I would have done to prepare better was actually writing down and practicing my vows to Danielle. On our wedding day I improvised. When we did go back I had vows written down. These were things I had missed or wanted to add on that day. I read them to her and cried like a baby, and truth be told so did she. Perhaps  it was best I didn’t write them down last year.

3) As a bride, what is the one thing you are GLAD you did to prepare for your wedding?

The most important thing was being in constant contact with Sonja, making sure our ideas and wishes worked.

4) Any tips for how to best to resolve an argument?

Listen and try to understand the other’s opinion and always remember how much you love each other and you will do anything to make it through.

5) If you could give a newly engaged couple one piece of wedding day advice, what would it be? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff (life advice really). Do what makes the two of you happy and don’t worry so much about what others think. It is your day and most guests won’t notice or care if something isn’t perfect. Luckily with The Franciscan handling things, everything for us was!

Thank you to Jamie and Danielle for putting their trust in the Franciscan and Sonja Frank. We are pleased to have played a role in bringing these two souls together and many other couples over the years. We look forward to many, many more opportunities to be part of your happiest day!