Make the Most of Your Wedding Budget

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire

3 Questions to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Every day, couples come to me wondering how to save a little cash on their reception—without sacrificing their unique wedding experience. With more than 30 years of experience helping couples have memorable weddings in Denver, I know there’s no one-size way to plan a reception or cut costs. So, I always start out by asking these 3 questions:

1)   What is most important to you?

If the bride or groom answers that having all of their family and friends is most important, then the guest list can’t be cut. So, consider shaving costs on food, décor, or flowers. One way to save on flowers is to choose seasonal flowers. Take a look at The Budget Bride’s “How to choose perfect wedding flowers by season” for ideas.


2)   How much risk are you willing to take on your wedding venue?

Many wedding venues will rent out their inside and outside spaces and charge less for both. This could be a way to save if you’re willing to chance a Colorado thunderstorm briefly sidelining photos, dancing, or dinner.

At The Franciscan, we always have indoor and outdoor space reserved for each wedding. That means you’ll know that your guests won’t have to huddle under an umbrella and no one has to rent a tent at the last minute!

Denver wedding planner Heather Gardner has advice for risks to think about for your wedding day in her article, “Wedding day disasters.”


3)   If you’re going to do some things on your own to save, what do you already know how to do?

You may not want to add the stress of learning how to arrange flowers or make custom candy favors for guests.

Think about what you can do, or consult the experts for ideas. If you love decorating, flower arranging, or candy making, you can save money in a variety of ways. Consider The Knot’s recent “13 (easy!) ways to decorate your wedding reception.”

Or, check out other do-it-yourself tips on The Knot.


The most important advice I have for brides and grooms is to make a budget from the start and stick to it. A realistic wedding budget, keeping in mind your priorities, will help you keep your costs—and stress—low.


Tools for budgeting: