Host a party after all the Hubbub of the Holidays


Are you already tired of hearing “Have you gotten your holiday shopping done yet?” and “Where will you be traveling to?” this holiday season?

Do you agree there’s no glory in being busy all the time? We understand. That’s why we’re proposing a very bold solution to the problem of having too many events in December: move them to January.

Who says you have to jam pack your December to-do list? Why not have your holiday or Christmas gathering in January at the Franciscan Event Center?

On a related note, here 3 positives about the first month of the year:

  • The roads are less crowded and in a bustling city like Denver, that is ALWAYS a good thing.
  • There are 2 holidays to celebrate: New Year’s and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • The first week of January is a great time to find low prices on flights.

Another bonus: If you are hosting a party for your staff and clients, many of them will be in town and able to attend.

We’ve been hosting all kinds of gatherings for thirty years at our Centennial location. With on-site culinary offerings from that Personal Touch Catering and the adept planning and follow through skills of Sonja Frank, we’ll make sure January’s parties will be talked about for 2016.  Unlike a downtown restaurant or bar, parking is easy breezy when you arrive at the Franciscan Event Center.

Did you already plan your Holiday party or has it taken place already? Consider a January planning or strategy session for your company. Why not discuss your vision for 2016 and make plans on how to achieve it when people can focus on the task at hand and aren’t distracted by December’s duties? Call us at (303) 790-0477 to discuss your January event today!