Have Your Office Party at the Franciscan!

office party_7.17.15

One indicator of an improving economy is what the Department of Labor refers to as the “quit rate.” This is the percentage of employees who quit working as a percentage of total employment. While the quit rate for 2008-2012 never got above 1.5%, 2013 through the present shows quit rates of 1.9-2.0%. When more people are quitting, they are confident enough in the market to believe they can find another job, or better yet, they already have one. Here’s the data if you want to get technical.

So, with an improving economy and employees who may become restless, what’s an employer to do?

Bring back the office party!

You’ve scrimped for years, potlucks at the office, believing that hanging a few Party City decorations will somehow trick your employees into forgetting they already spend too much time under those florescent lights.

Stop. Really, just stop.

If you have a party at the office, chances are you will put your employees to work in some fashion. Whether they have to decorate or bring food, (please no chips, unless they’re the lime flavored restaurant style) they’ll feel resentful. Leave the planning and the cleanup to the professionals at the Franciscan Event Center.

Here’s a few ways to make your office party something your employees will look forward to

1) Get AWAY from the office. It shows effort, and that you value employees outside of the workplace and this a celebration and not an afterthought.

2) Recognize employees for accomplishments. Whether it’s closing a big account or conquering a particular software program.

Don’t overlook achievements in their personal lives.
“Hey, Mike in Accounting! Way to get that black belt in Tae Kwon Do!” They’re not robots, after all.

3) Technology has increased isolation, no matter how many Facebook friends you have, celebrate the work of teams within your company to emphasize that team efforts were not overlooked.

4) Invite the family, or if there’s copious alcohol, at least a plus one for your employees. Don’t ask employees to be away from loved ones any more than they already are.

The underlying why:

If employees feel appreciated, their attitude may improve. Anyone who has ever worked for a company who never had an office party can tell you, it’s symptomatic of larger issues within the organization.

Celebrating accomplishments with employees may motivate employees to have their names called next year, rather than flying under the radar.

The Franciscan Event center can accommodate up to 350 employees and their guests. Perhaps you want to include clients as well. We have indoor and outdoor spaces to suit your office party, no matter the size or the unpredictable Colorado weather. Contact us today to secure a date for the 2015 Holiday season.