Denver Wedding Tips

Denver Wedding Tips
Denver is a rapidly growing city, particularly among college graduates and young professionals. The rise in mid 20 to 30-year-old Denverites also means a rise in the number of weddings being performed in Colorado each year. On top of all of this, Denver is also an increasingly popular wedding destination for out-of-town couples. In Colorado, there are a number of unique factors to consider when planning a wedding here. To make sure your big day in Colorado goes off without a hitch, follow these Denver wedding tips for smooth sailing.

Location of the Wedding

There are many venues in the Denver metro area that can accommodate wedding parties of all sizes. The closer to downtown Denver, the higher the price tag for not only the venue but accommodations such as hotel and transportation for out of town guests.

For this reason, some of the most popular wedding venues are in the surrounding metro cities as transportation to and from is still very easy for both in-town and out-of-town guests. The Franciscan Event Center, located in South Denver, is just a ten minute drive from the heart of Denver. Because the area is home to the Denver tech center, it has a large number of both economy and luxury accommodation nearby.

Time of Year

Summer is traditionally the most popular time of year for weddings, but with Denver heat, late spring and early fall are common times of year to get married as well. Winter is by far the slowest season, but with how unpredictable Denver weather is, there are many indoor wedding venues that can accommodate guests any time of year.


Weather in Denver is extremely variable. Because of this, indoor/outdoor venues are recommended for even mid-summer weddings. Snow storms are known to strike in May, heavy rain can come out of nowhere in the summer months, and it can also snow as early as September. Avoid your special day being completely thrown off the rails by having a backup plan should mother nature change her mind the day of your wedding.

Indoor/outdoor venues like The Franciscan are also popular because, weather permitting, you can host the different events of the night in different locations. This allows for a change of scenery for guests and makes it so the event staff is able to easily transition from the ceremony, to dinner, to the reception.

Out of Town Guests

The most convenient option for out-of-town guests is a venue with nearby accommodations and good transportation. With the Denver airport located in NE Denver, anything within a 45 min drive should be doable for those traveling to Denver for the wedding. Remember, the closer to downtown Denver or the further you go from major cities, the more expensive accommodations will be. Centennial (where The Franciscan Event Center is located) is in a sweet spot for wedding affordability for guests and the happy couple!

The Denver area is a beautiful and popular wedding location. The city does come with its ups and downs though; mountain views come at the cost of unpredictable weather and seasons. By following these Denver wedding tips, you can ensure that your wedding will go as smooth as possible.

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