Brunch Wedding Ideas

Brunch Wedding Ideas

Every decade or two it seems that wedding traditions change. In recent years it has been all about afternoon ceremonies and dinner receptions, but what about in the ‘80s and ‘90s when everyone was having their ceremony mid-day and throwing a lunch reception? And before that, did you know we were doing morning weddings? Well, it looks as though we have come full circle. There is a new wedding trend on the rise – brunch weddings. From mimosas to omelets to donut cakes – take a look at these fun brunch wedding ideas.

Coffee Cart

Wake up your guests with a serve-yourself coffee cart either before the reception or as a post-ceremony pre-reception pick me up. Set out carafes full of coffee, hot chocolate, and if you are able, an espresso and latte machine. Include all of the fixings such as whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, caramel syrup, you name it. Your guests will instantly forgive you for getting them out of bed early in the morning.

Brunch Food

Everyone loves brunch; no, not just millennials. Brunch food is something that can transcend both family disagreements and generations.

A few appetizing ideas for your food service are build your own waffle bars, an omelet bar, and even a cereal bar if that’s more your speed. Why not make your signature dishes each of your favorite style eggs benedict? The possibilities are endless and anything you serve will be new and refreshing to your wedding-goers.

Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s

Just because your wedding is in the morning doesn’t mean it has to be dry. Break out a few of your favorite brunch beverages, like mimosas, bloody mary’s, and screwdrivers. There are a lot of possibilities with morning time beverages, like a DIY bloody mary bar or irish coffee station.

Not Really into Dancing? No Problem

Do you hate dancing, or maybe just want to avoid giving your outrageous uncle a chance to cut loose? Of course you can always still have dancing mid-day, but if you’d prefer to skip that part of a typical wedding, a brunch wedding is a very organic way to do it. You can even save costs on the DJ if you opt for pre-arranged, mellow day time music.

So Many Wedding Cake Options

There are a lot of different cake options when it comes to brunch wedding ideas. You can still go traditional, but a world of cakes is open to you for brunch. A crumb wedding cake, blueberry filled cakes, or even a tower of donuts stacked into a cake.

You can have a lot of fun with a brunch wedding cake and do not have to keep it dull by any means. Bite sized waffles or muffins could serve as a casual wedding dessert option along with French toast too.

Brunch Wedding Ideas

Brunch weddings are still an emerging trend so be creative. Pick and choose both your favorite parts of weddings and your favorite things about brunch. Have fun with the décor and food. Explore these brunch wedding ideas and make them your own!