Be Stress Free with These 5 Party Planning Tips

stress free party planning

Since 1983, the Franciscan has hosted, catered and helped plan special events for clients at our beautiful indoor/outdoor venue in Centennial Colorado. Save for the weather and your drunk uncle, most party snafus can be avoided with some pre-party planning tips. These party planning tips, in no particular order, have been proven to lessen the pre party pandemonium.

1. Break up the planning. For example, dedicate one week or one day to planning the menu. If there is an aspect of wedding or party planning that you are dreading, remember you can always delegate. Deciding who sits next to whom got you down? Put your Aunt Mildred on it. That way, if someone is unhappy, it was out of your hands.

2. Everyone emails Evites and Paperless Posts these days. We suggest sending hardcopy invites. It’s not official until it’s on your fridge, right? Give the same level of care to your invitations as you would to any other aspect of an event. You wouldn’t serve rack of lamb on a Styrofoam plate and you wouldn’t rely on email invitations that could end up in your friend’s spam folder.

3. Don’t try to replicate the decorations and food you see on Pinterest unless you have natural talent and extra time. Here’s our favorite “Pinterest fail” for string balloons. Remember that Pinterest is often used by event planners and professional designers to showcase their projects. We recommend utilizing the centerpieces we have on site, or looking to to purchase them prior to your event.

4. Dietary necessities can complicate menu planning. Buffets can solve this issue by keeping a variety of menu items separate and allowing guests to beef up on their salad portion or pile on more protein if that’s the nutrient they need.

The Franciscan offers 29 different buffet choices featuring different takes on chicken, pork, steak, shrimp and pasta dishes. We can even help you design your own custom menu! We dish up 9 different Italian entrees as buffets including crowd pleasers like Lasagna and Stuffed Shells with Ricotta and Spinach. Our barbeque buffets are perfect for a summer soirée while our Southwestern selections, fajitas and chicken rellenos, are suitable any time of the year.

5. Breaking up the planning and delegating when possible are great, but what if you’re still overwhelmed, or worry about having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Consider enlisting the help of an event planner. The Franciscan employs an on-site event planner who can see the “big picture” for your wedding or corporate event.

Give us a call to discuss possible dates for your next event. Even better, come to The Franciscan Event Center so you can walk through our indoor and outdoor spaces and envision your event in person.