5 Ideas for Planning the Best Baby Shower

baby shower pic_5.11.16

Is your best friend expecting? Or perhaps you’ve been asked to help plan a baby shower but are overwhelmed by Pinterest, themed baby showers and overly elaborate gatherings? Don’t worry, we can help you map out how to host the best baby shower this side of the Mississippi with less stress. It will be like taking candy from a baby.

1) The Guest list: Co-Ed or women-only?

It depends on the wishes of the mom-to-be. Ask her first if she is leaning towards one option. A co-ed celebration is one way to celebrate with all of your friends in the weeks before bringing the baby home. Also check in with the future Dad to gauge his level of enthusiasm.

2) Registry: Encourage the future mother to register on Amazon and become an Amazon Prime member. There is nothing better than being able to order diapers, wipes and dog food to be delivered to your front door when you are at home learning how to juggle a new baby and their feeding and sleeping habits.

Gift Alternatives: If the mom-to-be does not need or want gifts, you could ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book with a note to baby on the inside cover. Some moms may want to pay it forward and have guests make a donation to a local women’s shelter.

3) When to have it: If the mother-to-be is a plan ahead type, she will want plenty of time to arrange the baby’s room and figure out what she may still need to get post shower, so having it earlier than later is best. We recommend 20-30 weeks into her pregnancy. Any later than 35 weeks and the guest of honor may be less physically comfortable.

4) Games: If she is a good friend you might already know whether she wants games or not. Does she enjoy costume parties? Did she have games at her bridal shower? These are all clues. If you’re clueless, just ask for her input.

The easiest games or activities include: writing funny things on diapers, blind taste tests of baby food with prizes for those who correctly guess the food, and pre-printed baby bingo cards.

5) Food and Drinks: BBQ and Mexican food are great options during the summer and fall. An easy to please choice for a spring or winter baby shower is brunch.

Bring on the bubbly but make sure to have non-alcoholic choices available.

With these tips, you are on your way to making sure the mother-to-be will feel appreciated and celebrated. As for location, refrain from hosting it at her home. The last thing she needs to worry about is cleaning and scrubbing.

Consider the convenience and elegance of The Franciscan Event Center and leave the cleaning to us! We can take care of the food, beverages, set-up and tear down. For a tour of our facilities, call Sonja at 303 790-0477.