Add Personality to your Wedding with DIY Decorations

Your wedding provides you and your fiancé a chance to showcase your personality together. Whether you and your future spouse appreciate comic books or spend all of your spare time traveling, we’ve got you covered with DIY decorations to reflect your true nature. We have taken care to include wedding decoration ideas that are easy, Do-It-Yourself, and that won’t break the bank.

Start with the Spray Paint.

Spray paint can give you your wedding colors for less than four dollars. If you decide you don’t like the color, try another! It’s cheap enough. Unlike marriage, there’s no commitment!

What should you be spraying? How about wine bottles, branches, candleholders, pinecones, and pumpkins? If you find the perfect decoration but it’s in a bright punchy color like pink, spray paint it gold or silver to give it a more elegant feel. Or if it’s a boring black, amp up your decorations with a brighter color.

What about Walls?

Consider making a backdrop with balloons or paper flowers. Anyone can help you blow up balloons. And making paper flowers, aka tissue flowers, are not as hard as you think. You can adhere the balloons and flowers to the walls with easy to remove painters tape.

Consider hanging your engagement photos on the walls. After all, it is a day for the two of you, why not feature you looking your best? For large photos, visit a Kinkos and ask for engineer sized prints.

Table Time!

Remember that wine glasses do double duty as both drinking vessels and candleholders. They’re inexpensive, come in various heights, with or without stems, and can create a timeless table setting.

Each table at your reception is a chance to show your personality or tell your story.

  • One idea is to feature pictures or postcards from places you’ve visited together. Another is to leave copies of your favorite books. The books can even double as favors for your guests. If you want to ditch the proper behavior, you can print out funny pictures of the two of you.
  • Music lovers could display vinyl album covers or their favorite song lyrics printed in different fonts.
  • Green thumbs can show off with small plants that can also double as favors for your guests. Include a message like, “Love grows and hopefully so will this plant.”
  • Couples who appreciate travel can make use of old globes, vintage suitcases, and postcards to create memorable centerpieces.


We encourage you to bring a personal touch to your wedding and reception. We look forward to hosting your unique union at The Franciscan Event Center. For more ideas like these, keep an eye on our decorations board on Pinterest.