5 Reasons your employees deserve a party at the Franciscan


1) Because sometimes a “Good Job team!” email just doesn’t cut it.

How often do you make it a point to reward your employees? Is it something you do naturally, or is it on your list of to-do’s? If you are cringing because your idea of acknowledgement involves a quick nod as you pass each other in the hallway, perhaps it’s time to step it up a notch and throw a party!

2) You can kill two birds with one stone by thanking your employees AND your clients.

By inviting both groups, your employees can put faces to e-mails and clients also feel appreciated. This could help your employee morale and your client satisfaction.

3) You’re all business and little fun (at work).

Don’t be one of those companies that has things like “We work hard AND play harder” on their website. That’s like saying “I’m cool.” Just live it.  Parties are living IRL. Bonus if you know what IRL means.

4) The economy is improving. Step up your game or lose some good employees.

 The skyrocketing housing and rental market in Denver is a tell-tale sign that the economy is improving. If you’re not providing an environment where your employees are engaged, valued and thrown a free morsel once in a while, they may look for greener pastures elsewhere. Finding new employees takes time, money and resources that are better spent elsewhere.

 5) People talk more over a plate of food, especially food that someone else is paying for.

Not to get overly philosophical, but eating is emotional. Unless you’re a sponsored athlete, food is more than mere fuel to keep you going. Don’t tell us that you brought in bagels to the kitchen at work that one time. Bagels and cream cheese do not a proper meal make. Here at the Franciscan, our on-site caterer, That Personal Touch, can create a custom menu that all of your guests will enjoy.

Notice that we didn’t mention “team building” in this list. What the heck is that anyway?

By planning your employee party at the Franciscan, you are acknowledging and rewarding employees, helping them connect and letting them know management is human. Whether you keep invitees your employees and their loved ones, or open it up to clients, your guests will be treated to a memorable event.

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