5 Reasons You Will Love Getting Hitched at The Franciscan Event Center!


Planning a wedding involves many moving parts. Besides choosing the date, selecting the venue is the MOST crucial step in the process. If you’re planning a wedding in the Denver area, consider the Franciscan Event Center. The Franciscan is affordable for engaged couples and their guests, conveniently close to downtown and the airport, yet close enough to the pristine peaks characteristic of Colorado.

Here are five reasons why couples are saying “I do” to the Franciscan.

  • It is Affordable for the Couple – According to a Knot.com survey of 13,000 brides, the average wedding in 2014 cost $31,213. The average venue cost was $14,006. Brides reported spending an average of $68 per person for catering.

Consider a wedding with 100 guests. Average catering costs would run $6,800 added to the average venue amount of $14,006 for a total of nearly $21,000!

At the Franciscan, the venue is included in the catering cost for events of 100 guests or more. The average cost per person for food at the Franciscan is $45.00, making your total cost for the venue and food $4,500. Since the Knot.com survey included alcohol in the $68 total catering amount, you will need to factor in the cost of alcohol. Even if you had a hosted bar for four hours, which would cost $2,200, your total venue, food and alcohol costs would be $6,700.

Choosing the Franciscan will save you 70%!

All that money you saved can go towards a down payment on house. In the Denver market, you’re going to need it.

  • It is Affordable for Your Guests. Everything costs more in mountain towns. The further you are from a large metropolitan area the more you will pay for food, gas, accommodations and even things like cake and flowers. While we can put a dollar amount on these items, consider the price of a sunburn or a overindulging in too many of our craft beers at altitude. We didn’t even touch on altitude sickness.
  • It is Convenient – The Franciscan Event Center is a 34 minute drive from DIA using E-470. Compare this to a two hour drive to a venue located in the mountains. You’ll be cruising along E-470 instead of dealing with traffic on I-70.
  • Nearby Hotels. There are 11 hotels within a 10 minute drive of our venue. Even though we have a large parking lot and valet costs are included with the rental, you can take a shuttle from many of them. Tip: If they have an airport shuttle, double savings for your guests.
  • The Colorado Experience Is Not Confined to the Mountains. We’re close to Colorado Springs, aka “The Overlooked City to the South.” Visit Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak, or Olympic Training Center and you will agree the nickname, although created on the fly, fits. If your guests are looking for nearby hikes, Roxborough State Park and Chatfield State Park are a mere 40 minute drive from the Franciscan.

The Franciscan Event Center is an affordable, convenient wedding venue in Centennial, Colorado. Don’t just take our word for it, call and schedule a tour today at 303 790-0477.